Rotary International District 2580 Chuo Sub-district Intercity Meeting


Held at the Imperial Hotel on March 1st (Wed)

°°The Chuo Sub-district Intercity Meeting for Rotary Year 2016-2017 was held successfully with the attendance of over 800 Rotarians (including those who made registration only).

°°The Meeting opened with welcome remarks made by President Takehiko Okamoto of the hosting Rotary Club of Tokyo, followed by greetings from Governor Shoji Kamiyama. We were honored to have Mr. Shinjirō Koizumi as our keynote speaker, a young member of the Liberal Democratic Party who is a strong candidate to be the political leader of the next generation. He gave a passionate speech under the title of °»Slow and steady steps strengthen bonds°….

°°Having served as Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Reconstruction, Mr. Koizumi shared his experiences of visiting the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake repeatedly and encouraging children who had lost their families by the tsunami. He emphasized that °»first and foremost, we must get to know the current situation of the disaster-stricken areas and deepen our understanding°…. He also called upon Rotarians °»to formulate unique and original programs that will support the areas on a long-term basis°… and suggested wide-ranging issues such as °»to explore the possibility of formulating a collaborative framework so that we can get support from the people in Tohoku region should an earthquake hit Tokyo directly°….

°°Mr. Yasuhiro Kuroda of Tokyo RC facilitated the Panel Discussion which welcomed representatives from Tokyo RC, Tokyo Kanda RC, Tokyo Kojimachi RC, Tokyo Central Park RC as well as Tokyo Yotsuya RC as panelists. Each panelist made a presentation on the latest activities implemented to support the disaster areas. We had two Rotarians from the areas, Mr. Keiichiro Kumagai from Kesennuma RC and Mr. Isao Takahashi from Fukushima Minami RC. They remarked that Rotarians in the area °»feel anew how precious Rotary Club activities are°… and °»feel grateful for the friendship among Rotarians and hope to return the favor someday°….

°°As we discussed on how to extend our support in the future, Mr. Kumagai from Kesennuma emphasized that °»the disaster areas are still far from reviving their industries. What we look for is not so much material support as assistance to reinforce the software of local businesses like strengthening partnership towards eliminating labor shortage and nurturing human resources°…. Mr. Takahashi from Fukushima Minami pointed out that °»the future looks uncertain due to harmful rumors about radioactive contamination from nuclear power plants. Please use food ingredients produced in Fukushima at your company cafeteria and help us overcome the damages caused by groundless rumors. Supporting children will bring hopes for a brighter future°….

°°Governor Kamiyama made a comment that °»we listened to the remarks shared by representatives from disaster areas and took them seriously to our heart. We were given an opportunity to think what we can do as Rotarians in Tokyo. If an earthquake hits Tokyo now, our position will be reversed tomorrow. Let me encourage you to further strengthen collaboration between the disaster areas and Tokyo°….

°°Participants engaged in intensive discussions on how to assist reconstruction initiatives, in its sixth year now, which made the Intercity Meeting a fruitful and productive forum.

Kotaro Akiyama, member of the Public Relations Committee