Table Speech

A Report on the Osaka Convention
(International Convention of Rotary International)  

May 26th,2004

President Elect
Mr.Masato Mizuno

President Elect Masato Mizuno gave a report on the Osaka Convention, from which he had just returned at the meeting of May 26: The 95th International Convention of Rotary International took place from May 23 to 26 in Osaka blessed with fine weather.

Japan has hosted 2 previous conventions, in 1961 and 1978 both in Tokyo, and this was the third occasion, with 47,000 Rotarians gathering from throughout the world.

The Tokyo Rotary Club had 47 members and 6 family members registered including our Club President Tsuneo Wakai. We had 5 members registered from our Sister Club of Washington D.C..

With the help of many of our members, we were able to enjoy the Opening Plenary Session, then the Tokyo Night at the Kitcho Restaurant, and a follow-up party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where we stayed. Our younger members arrived early at the Dome and secured good seats of us.

We arrived at the Dome by subway, and after a heartwarming of jazz and children’ songs, the Convention was opened by Convention Committee Chairman Genshitsu Sen. Prefectural Governor Ota and Mayor Seki were introduced, the flags of member nations entered, the national anthems of Japan and Nigeria played, and President Majiyagbe gave his address. After the closing we went to Shinsaibashi, where we enjoyed our Tokyo Night.

The owner of the Kitcho Restaurant being the cousin of our own member Toshiji Yuki, he had himself proud by offering us fine sake wine and food, and the Washington DC members also used their chopsticks and enjoyed the dinner. A second round was provided at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where we stayed.

Thanks to the cooperation of many of our members, the official program of our Tokyo Rotary delegation to the Osaka Convention thus came to a happy end.
The second day Pat RI President Clifford Dochterman, Chairman of the 100th Anniversary Celebration Committee introduced their plans for the Centennial. Past RI President Charles Keller introduced the Rotary history, A Century of Service which is now on sale in Japanese.

Dr. Paul Rogers of Bradford University gave a talk on how Rotary’s service activities were helping people to recover from the ravages of war impressed me very much.

The last speaker of this plenary session was RI President Majiyagbe who spoke on his theme of Lend a Hand. The Centennial was an important occasion to learn from the past and plan for the future. We should try to formulate a strategic plan for doing so. President Majiyagbe spoke of his experiences on traveling
through countries where Rotarians were engaged in service.