Table Speech

Address by Club President Masato Mizuno
Introduction of Directors and Boards

July 7th,2004

Club President Mr.Masato Mizuno
Club Secretary Mr.Motoichi Igarashi

 Newly installed Club President
 Mr. Masato Mizuno

This is the Centennial Year for Rotary which was started by Paul Harris in Chicago a hundred years ago to build a better society. It is a heavy responsibility for me to assume the presidency at such a time, but according to the Rotary tradition of not refusing when called upon, I have accepted and look forward to your support.

 I was born in Ashiya City in 1943 and remember that when I was a child my grandfather, who was a member of the Osaka Rotary Club, took me to a Rotary family party. I graduated Konan University and entered Carthage College in 1966 which is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin just south of Racine where Paul Harris was born. After graduating in 1970, I followed my grandfather and father in becoming a member of the Osaka RC, and when I was transferred to Tokyo, joined this club in 1985.

 This is Rotary’s Centennial Year. Our President, Glenn E. Estess was born in Polk Country, Mississippi graduated Tulane University in New Orleans, and became CEO of Glenn Estess Associates from which he has now retired.
He joined the Shades Valley Rotary Club of Alabama in 1960 and then served as Vice President of RI in the 91-92 year, and held many important positions in Rotary.

 President Glenn has told us that there is a reason why Rotary has grown, and we must not rest on our laurels but must face current challenges with a sense of crisis to find our directions. We should celebrate Rotary in our respective fields of service considering the significance of Rotary.

 The object of Rotary is given in our official magazine, the Rotary-no-tomo, and tells us of our responsibilities. Our club started the land mine clearing project, and our Chairman Okazaki and his co-members have visited the clearing area personally demonstrating our spirit of service.

 President Estess asked us to conduct community services in 4 areas: 1. Reducing illiteracy 2. Improving the community 3. Addressing the health problem, and activating Polio Plus 4. Improve the water supply and environment.

 Furthermore, he asks that we serve to develop the community, work to enhance international friendship, and contribute to our national and international societies by humanitarian efforts.
 Our District Governor, Keisuke Kobori is a very energetic person. He is 72 years of age and a member of the Naha West RC since 1966. After graduating Waseda University, he served as a prosecutor, is now a lawyer, and being a Counselor of the Japan Golf Association is making efforts for the promotion of golf.

 He has told us that we should go forward energetically, positively and with perseverance. The Governor will make his official visit on July 21.

 Last year, Governor Toda admonished us to only celebrate our Centennial but to consider how we should be in the new century.Last year, we were able to stop our decline in membership, and this year I wish to ask all of you for your support in expanding our membership.

 Governor Kobori has told us that Rotary should not be a meeting of aquaintances but of friends. Let us strive for an enjoyable club life.

I look forward to the assistance of my fellow officers and all of you for a successful year.This year, the Olympic Games will take place in Athens. As a manufacturer of sporting goods, my business will take me abroad often, and I am sorry that my absence will place a burden on my fellow officers. I will be grateful for Vice President Moroto for his taking my place during my absence.

Club Secretary
 Mr. Motoichi Igarashi

 I wish to thank outgoing Club Secretaries Yamamoto, and my fellow Assistant Secretary Kawakami for their wonderful job they did last year. This year, I will have as my assistants Rotarians Asano and Tatsumura, and with the support of the club officers will do my best to carry on the great traditions of this club.

 I became a member in 1991 sponsored by Rotarian Hirose and my father, when my grandfather who joined in 1948 had to retire due to illness. I am grateful for the guidance given to me by my esteemed seniors.

 I was asked to become Club Secretary after the Rotaract meeting which took place immediately after President Mizuno’s son held his marriage ceremony.

 Not having the necessary qualifications, I declined, but finally had to accede, but felt quite inadequate to the job before me.

 Our accounts for the year 2004 will be in the black as you have agreed to raise club dues which have remained the same since 1991. This and other economies have helped us and I wish to thank the outgoing officers for this fact.

 We hope to increase our membership by at least 3 members this year, and ask for your help in sponsoring them. We also wish to enhance fellowship by encouraging attendance at our meetings, committee meetings, District Conference, the RI Annual Convention and Rotaract events.

 Our Centennial District Conference will take place in Okinawa on November 14 and 15. February 23, 2005 will mark Rotary’s Centennial and we will celebrate by holding a family party. When our delegation attends the Chicago Convention, they will at the same time visit our twin Club of Washington D.C.

 On October 24 we will celebrate the 84th Anniversary of the Tokyo Rotary Club with a dinner meeting and family party and hold a similar affair on December 15 for Christmas. The attendance at our family parties is at the 40% level, and we wish to improve on this.

 The 200 saplings which were given to us by the Ardmore RC have been 
transplanted temporarily in a nursery owned by a member of the Tokyo Chofu Murasaki RC, so we visited the Club on July 29 to give our thanks and to see how they were doing. We hope to be able to distribute them some time in September.

 Our HP, IT program is doing well and we are preparing attendance sheets for each member since you joining to 2003. We are introducing software for accounting purposes, and other uses but must proceed with the interests of our members, confidentiality, and cost/performance ratios in mind.
Finally, a word of thanks to our secretariat staff whom we could not do without. With their help and your support, I wish to do my best to serve you.