Table Speech

Governor's official visit

July 21st、2004

Newly installed District 2580 Governor
 Mr.Keisuke Kobori(Naha Nishi RC)

 R.I. President Glenn E. Estess has announced the theme of this year is “Celebrate Rotary”. We are indeed celebrating Rotary’s Centennial on February 23, 2005.

 He has asked Club Presidents to not only reactivate their clubs but to plan for Centennial projects.

 One of these is to eradicate illiteracy. 2 billion of the 6.4 billion persons living today are near to illiteracy and live in desperate circumstances. President Glenn has emphasized the need for us to help them.

 Next, he has emphasized the involvement of Rotary families, and the need to strengthen Interact and Rotaract.

 Third is the problem posed by AIDS. The 41 million AIDS patients today are unable to receive sufficient medical aid. We must help solve this problem and further our Polio Plus Program.

 One third of the citizens of Laos suffer from malaria, and we would like to see an inoculation program using anti-malaria vaccine to get started.

 Fourth is the issue of water supply. 1.2 billion persons today suffer from a defective water supply, and much hope is being given our program to provide a sanitary water supply by digging wells and establishing water purification systems. The above are the 4 points stressed by our President.
I feel that each Rotary Club should each in its own way make plans for the Centennial celebration.

 What now concerns me is the matter of Chinese students studying in Japan.
Some 1200 years ago a young Japanese Buddhist priest went to China to study and when he returned, became revered as a great teacher. An Okinawan called Tei Junsoku also went to China 300 years ago and returned with a volume of ethics which had been compiled for the people. This was presented to the Shogun who had it used as a textbook for children’s schools throughout the country.

 Thus from 1200 years ago, the Chinese looked after our students and treated them well, and I believe we should return the favor by being kind to Chinese students now studying in Japan. Our Ryukyu University has already installed a program to help Chinese students, and I hope that your clubs will also join in helping overseas students from abroad.

 Rotary needs as many Rotarians as possible to carry out its good deeds, so we should keep in mind the necessity of strengthening our membership.

 A national movement to create a more cheerful society is being carried out.
In the face of increasing juvenile crime, Community organizations, Rotary Clubs and the police are cooperating in this movement which needs your help.

 My theme for the year is to conduct one’s self energetically, positively, and to persevere.

 We have been endowed with a rich history form which we receive inspiration to confront the problems before us, and it is our privilege to lead Rotary into its second century. Let us lend a hand and celebrate Rotary with wonderful fellowship and countless Centennial projects. Let us celebrate Rotary with enthusiasm, determination and joy.