Table Speech

Adress by President and Secretary of Tokyo RC
Introduction of directors

July 6th,2005

President Mutsuo Nagashima 
Club Secretary Hajime Asano 

President Mutsuo Nagashima addressed the Club at it’s first meeting of the new Rotary year on July 6;

I feel tense on being appointed President of this Club with its grand tradition.

I became a member of the Club in 1983, and told of the importance of attendance, so in my first year I recorded 100% attendance. I became President of my firm the same year, and although I attended dutifully my first year, my corporate responsibilities made me sink lower in attendance, and I made the mistake of thinking of Rotary as a pleasant luncheon club, so I have not been an exemplary member.

Therefore, when I was asked to become President, I had strong doubts. What made me overcome this was the Rotary philosophy never to turn down a responsibility when asked and another reason which is that we must not be a gathering of acquaintances but of friends.

Speaking personally, I joined the Asahi Kasei Co. in 1961 where I stayed for 17 years. The reason I joined this company was simple: the starting pay was good, and the beginning were given responsible tasks. Soon after I joined, our President, Mr. Miyazaki joined Rotary and served as President of this Club in 1976. Mr. Miyazaki was one my most respected business leaders.

If I remained in Asahi Kasei, my road would never cross that of Rotary.
When he became President of this club, I joined the Toyo Ink Co., so I felt that becoming President of this club was following my destined path.

This is the first year of a new century for Rotary. What is the role of Rotary in this changing world of ours? We must return to the founding spirit of Rotary, as individuals must give thought on how to act as Rotarians.

President Stenhammer has told he would like, together with us to start writing the first chapter of the new century.

His theme is the best of our past years, “Service above self”, and his logo is none other than our Rotary wheel. A new wind is blowing, but we must have continuity, and we must act observing the ideal of Service Above Self.

His program therefore continues that of previous years, which are 1.Eradicating illiteracy; 2.Safe water for all.

President Stenhammer tells us that in order to accomplish these targets we must cooperate with other organization working for the same cause.

In keeping with these objectives, District Governor Komiya, who will make his official visit to our club on July 20 has told us he will not announce a District Theme this year and further that the Club’s activities are the basis of Rotary, and a club must be a ring of friendship which will result in the further development of the club itself. For this purpose, membership development is crucial and an increase of one member per club is attainable.

In order to attain these objectives, this Club will atrive to establish the following objectives:
1. Vocational Service is the basis of Rotary activity, and we will abide by CSR
2. We will conduct club activities in the spirit of from acquaintances to friends
3. Our target for membership development will be to increase by 3 members
4. We must act in serving and will visit parties receiving aid, and work together with other parties
5. Will contribute to meaningful world peace activities
a. Clearing mine fields in Cambodia, visit to the site
b. Supporting exchange students, Yoneyama Scholars, Rotary Peace Scholars
c. Supporting the “Every Year, Every Rotarian $100” program
d. Increase of the Yoneyama Foundation support to \10,000 per year

We would like to continue our efforts to afford you the best of club life.
Finally, but not least, I wish to express my thanks to our President Elect Miyauchi, Vice President Nara, Secretary Asano, our Directors and members of the secretariat for their support during this coming year in order to serve you.

Following the President, Club Secretary Asano delivered his talk;

First of all, I wish to thank outgoing Club Secretary Motoichi Igarashi and my fellow Assistant Secretary Zen Tatsumura for their wonderful job.

For this year, I have asked Yoshikazu Masuda and Akiyoshi Tohyama to assist me, and the former will take over my position next year.

On April 14 the Club Assembly for this year took place, and I was able to learn much about my work.

As for myself, I am lacking in Rotary knowledge and feel insecure in my position but feel it a great honor to be able to help the club which I intend to do with your help. I feel that I must have 100% attendance, and if I do, it will be my 18th year as such.

Allow me to tell you what our aims for this year are. First of all, we want to keep our club accounts in the black. Two years ago we were able to raise club dues, and last year we cut costs so that we were able to end in the black after 8 year of losing money. During that time, our reserves of 65 million yen lessened to 34 million. As our yearly expenditure is some 110 million, this is only worth for 3.7 months.

This year, our target is to show a net increase of 3 in our membership.
Our club peaked in 1993 with 384 members, and since then has shown a decrease every year until last.

Taking action in community service has been our program which we hope to continue this year by visiting recipients of our funds, cooperating with them, dispatching club members to serve as lecturers for youth, etc.

Our mine field clearing activities in Cambodia has this year been able to enlarge its scope of supporters to be nationwide by the formation of the ‘Landmine Zero Japan Rotary Organization’.

Our club contributed 10 million yen as a Centennial contribution for this purpose and we have already transmitted 80,000 dollars.

Furthermore, we have plans to apply for the District Simplified Grant, and should reach our Club target for the Rotary Foundation donations, for which we must ask for your support.

I must mention the work done by our secretarial staff which supports our club in many ways.

I will do my best to see that our club goes forward and humbly ask for your support and assistance during this Rotary Year.