Table Speech

Tokyo Rotary Club’s 85th Anniversary Dinner

October 19th, 2005

Club President Mutsuo Nagashima  

The Tokyo Rotary Club’s 85th Anniversary Dinner was held inviting family members immediately following the regular meeting of October 19. Club President Mutsuo Nagashima addressed the meeting:

I am happy to welcome so many dignitaries, members and family members to our 85th Anniversary Dinner.

I wish to thank the members responsible for the dinner and entertainment program. This year we celebrated Rotary’s Centennial, and we have started afresh into a new century.

R.I. President Stenhammer in starting a new century for Rotary has chosen as his theme “Service Above Self” using the Rotary wheel as his logo. He has started “A new wind is blowing in Rotary, which is called continuity. We Rotarians must face the same direction as we go forward in the spirit of service.” Our District Governor Komiya has told us that in accord with the President’s theme, the District will refrain from establishing one, but ‘the root of Rotary activities is the club, our clubs must be such that the rings of friendship must grow, and if a club fosters this spirit the club will grow.

Based on this we must again return to the spirit of Rotary and practice “Service Above Self”. For this we must make friends of our acquaintances, and spread our friendship from individual to area, and to the whole world.
Today, we celebrate the 85 Anniversary of Rotary Club of Tokyo, and I hope that you will enlarge your circle of friends and make your being here worthwhile.