Table Speech

“Tokyo Rotary Club 87th Anniversary Meeting and Family Party”

October 17, 2007

Mr. Kanbei Kokubu,
Tokyo Rotary Club

 This year is the 87th Anniversary of Tokyo Rotary Club. Today is the Anniversary evening meeting and Family Party.

 Members of the Club, families of the members, and guests of the Party. I wish thank you for your attendance. I wish to celebrate the 87th Anniversary of our Club together with you.

 The theme of Mr. Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, President of Rotary International this year, is “Rotary Shares”. This means each of us should share his ability with other people who need such ability to help.

 I wish to promote four services of Rotary, namely Club Service, Professional Service, Social Service and International Service with the spirit of “Rotary Shares”. I hope such attitude will contribute to build a healthy and comfortable society.

 Starting July this year, operation of our Club of this term is smoothly proceeding, thanks to the cooperation of the members and I am glad to welcome nine new members up to now. Today, we have 349 members in our club after deduction the numbers of members who passed away and resigned.

 Continuing from last year, we set “Forming Ring of Friendship” and “Pleasure of Service” as the theme of our Club this year and I wish that you will promote “Forming Ring of Friendship” and share “Pleasure of Service” as you participated this party tonight.

  I wish to thank to those who organized Anniversary meeting and Family Party of to-night.