Table Speech

President’s Address

July 7, 2010

Mr. Yuzaburo Mogi
President, Tokyo Rotary Clu

 Today, I would like to share with you the themes of RI and Tokyo RC.
 Mr. Ray Klinginsmith from Kirksville RC, Missouri, USA, is the 2010-2011 RI President. He set the RI theme to be “Building Communities – Bridging Continents” as key words for Rotarians to recognize the significance of our activities anew as well as to explain the objectives of Rotary to non-Rotarians.

 Based on the RI theme, Tokyo RC adopts the themes of “joy of vocational service” and “friendship building throughout the world” for this year. I believe “vocational service” is the fundamental service activity among the “Avenues of Service.” I hope we will recognize its implication once again and take concrete actions. Unfortunately the Japanese economy has shown no growth over the past 20 years, with declining national income per capita and overall economic status. On the other hand, emerging countries are achieving high growth rates. How can we restore Japan’s economic growth? Companies in the private sector must work out their own salvations without relying on the government and create new demands with high added-value, thus enhancing economic growth. Diligence of each worker, with high morality, will lead to a social service.

 Our Governor Mr. Ueno cited the words by Mr. Paul Harris, founder of Rotary, during the recent District Assembly; “Rotary is not a religion, nor should it replace religion. It is important to adopt and conduct ethical concepts, which have existed from ancient times, especially in our vocational lives.”

 Market economy is spreading over the world, bringing about the free, yet not laissez-faire, competitive markets based on relevant rules and regulations. Time has come for us to realize, even stronger, the need for morality amidst escalating drive towards market economy. It is no coincidence that Rotary was founded in Chicago during the early 20th century, when rapid socio-economic growth brought about lack of business ethics.

 Globalization is spreading rapidly, accelerated by the initiatives of WTO, FTAs and EPAs. Today, people, goods and money transfer freely beyond national borders. Japan is confronted with the twin problems of a declining population, induced by a falling birthrate, and an aging population. Globalization might assist in dealing with both problems but we must admit it has both positive and negative effects. Yet, I am convinced the spread of Rotary activities, based on service spirit, will make positive contributions throughout the world. I plan to exchange e-mails with other Rotary Clubs in the world to build networks of friends. Also, financial support to the Yoneyama Memorial Foundation will make positive contributions towards “friendship building throughout the world.”

 Before closing, let me touch upon the upcoming events to celebrate our 90th Anniversary. Preparations are under way for the Anniversary Party, to be held on the 20th October, as well as the publication of an Anniversary booklet. We will also discuss the new project to start from the Rotary Year 2011, under the governorship of Mr. Mizuno. This project will replace the 10-year initiative “Rotary Clear Land in Cambodia” which concluded this February.

 Let me close by calling for your continuous support and cooperation to make
our Tokyo RC 90th Anniversary Year a successful one and a momentum for further progress in the coming centuries.

Secretary’s Address

Mr. Yasuhiro Kuroda
Secretary, Tokyo Rotary Club

 I will serve as Secretary for this year, under the Presidency of Mr. Mogi. Mr. Mogi set the themes of our Club to be “joy of vocational service” and “friendship building throughout the world.” I would like to ask for your active participation and cooperation to implement these themes that best reflect the long history and tradition of our Club built by our predecessors.

 This year, Tokyo RC will celebrate 90th Anniversary through various events, including financial contributions to both the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation and the Umekichi Yoneyama Memorial Hall, publication of Anniversary booklet and the Anniversary Meeting and Party to be held on the 20th October. Many guests from abroad and within Japan will be invited to this event, where we will enjoy the piano recital by the world-famous pianist, Ms. Hiroko Nakamura. I hope you will enjoy this memorable occasion with your family and friends.

 As President Mogi just mentioned, we will also start preparations to launch a new project that will follow our 10-year initiative, “Rotary Clear Land in Cambodia”, which concluded this February. This new project will be launched during the coming Rotary Year 2011-12, as the Governor’s Recommendation Project, with a strong support from Tokyo RC. This is when Mr. Mizuno of Tokyo RC will be the Governor of District 2580. This 10-year-project will be a district-wide initiative, and will be completed when we celebrate our Centennial Anniversary in 2020. I hope your groups will contribute to our extensive discussions to make the project a reality.

 Other social events, including the Christmas Family Party on the 15th December and RI 106th Anniversary Meeting and Family Party on 16th February 2011, are planned and I would be happy if these events will deepen our friendship among Rotarians and family members.

 I would like to ask for your active participation in the Intercity Meeting on 15th November, District Convention on 23rd February 2011, Club Forums, Table Meetings and Rotaract Weekly Meetings, to further deepen understanding about Rotary.

 The challenging economic situation has had an impact on our membership. Regardless of the enormous efforts made by the Membership Development Committee, our membership has declined in recent years. I ask for your continuous support in sponsoring suitable new members for our club.

 Before closing, let me share with you the greetings made by the President of a RC I visited for my makeup. He called upon each member to “be an active player and not a mere spectator.” This striking sentence made me reflect on myself and I am now resolved to participate in Rotary activities as an active player.

 As the Secretary, I will be asking for your participation and support throughout this year. I do hope each one of you will be an active player. I would be happy to serve for Tokyo Rotary Club, with your continuous cooperati