Table Speech

“President’s Address”

December 22, 2010

Mr. Yuzaburo Mogi
President, Tokyo Rotary Club

 I would like to say a few words for this final meeting of 2010.
 First of all, let me express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Kuroda, the Secretary, all the directors and officers and my fellow Rotarians for supporting me since I became the President in July.

 This year, Tokyo Rotary Club marked the 90th anniversary. We were honored to welcome nearly 400 guests, Rotarians and families to our commemorative meeting and celebratory party held on October 20th. We enjoyed the wonderful piano recital given by Ms. Hiroko Nakamura, followed by the superb dinner prepared by the Imperial Hotel and Kitcho. On this occasion, we made donations to Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation as well as the Yoneyama Umekichi Memorial Hall. Your further contribution will promote the theme we adopted for this year, “friendship building throughout the world.” Thanks to the efforts made by members of the 90th Anniversary Committee, led by Mr. Mibu, Director, we published our Anniversary Booklet. Let me express my sincere gratitude to you all once again.

 Though the new year is just around the corner, I must say the future prospects still look uncertain. The economy remains sluggish, while the deflationary trend continues. The political climate is also obscure, and some worrying security issues broke out around Japan.

 Companies must take actions to create demand in order to stimulate the economy. The other theme we adopted for this year was “joy of vocational service.” I am convinced its basic concept is to make social contribution through one’s vocational duties. The government is expected to foster an environment that facilitates economic activities of companies. Political stability is a pre-requisite for both the economy and national security.

 I am determined to continue working with you all throughout my term as President. Let me close by asking for your further support and cooperation. Thank you.