Rotary Fellowship

Rotary Fellowships

A Rotary Fellowship is a group of Rotarians who unite themselves to pursue a common vocational or recreational interest in order to further friendship and fellowship. Governors should appoint a district Rotary Fellowships committee with a chair and at least three members to encourage participation in Rotary Fellowships among the clubs of the district. (RCP 21.050.) Individual fellowships are not covered by RI insurance and are encouraged to assess their own risk and secure coverage as appropriate. (RCP 42.010.) Official recognition of fellowships is subject to RI Board review and approval and other policies on fellowship formation. (RCP 42.010.3.) Detailed information, including a list of all fellowships, can be found in the Rotary Fellowships Handbook (729-EN) and at www.rotary.org.

Relatives of Rotarians

All Rotary clubs and Rotarians should take into account the spouses and families of Rotary club members when planning activities. These individuals contribute to the service objectives and fellowship that derive from association with a Rotary club. (89-139)

Fellowship activities

Birthday Party

Birthday Party for November and December
Date: Dec. 7, 2016
Prace: RESTAURANT Botanica

Please participate with a member and the wife of the birth month.
If you will participate,please contact Tokyo Rotary Club Office.