Rotary's Programs for Youth


It is the responsibility of each Rotarian to prepare the Youth — all young people up to the age of 30 — by improving their life skills to ensure a better future, while recognizing the diversity of their needs. All clubs and districts are encouraged to undertake projects that support the fundamental needs of the New Generations: health, human values, education, and self-development. The RI Structured Programs for Youth are Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and Rotary Youth Exchange.


The following programs and activities are components of Rotary's programs for Youth:


The Rotaract program provides young adults an opportunity to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, address the physical and social needs of their communities, and promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. Rotaract clubs are composed of young adults ages 18-30 who live, work, or study within the vicinity of the sponsoring Rotary club. On 30 June of the Rotaract year in which a member becomes 30 years old, his or her Rotaract membership will end. (RCP 41.020.)

Rotary Club of Tokyo sponsored Rotaract Club:Tokyo Rotaract Club

Rotary Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange is an RI Structured Program that gives youth ages 15-19 an opportunity to visit or study in a country other than their own.
There are three types of Youth Exchange:
• Long-term exchanges allow the student to study in another country for an academic year.
• Short-term exchanges allow the student to visit another country for as little as a few weeks.
• New Generations exchanges allow young adults aged 18-25 to visit or study in another country for up to three months.

Rotary Club of Tokyo only accept Long-term exchange student once a several years.

All students must apply locally and be sponsored by a Rotary club in their community. The parents or legal guardians are expected to provide health, accident, and liability insurance and roundtrip transportation to and from the hosting district. Host families for the students are expected to provide room and board for the student, while the hosting, or receiving, district should provide for all educational expenses, as well as a modest monthly allowance for those students on a long-term exchange. Exchanges are organized between sponsoring and hosting districts by agreement and are expected to be reciprocal. All club, district, and multidistrict Youth Exchange programs are encouraged to enhance risk management efforts to prevent and respond appropriately to any alleged instances of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse involving program participants. In addition, clubs and districts are strongly encouraged to consult legal counsel regarding liability issues before undertaking Youth Exchange activities, including advice on securing liability insurance. The RI Board, with a view to promoting Youth Exchange as an opportunity for the development of international understanding, encourages governors to appoint district Youth Exchange officers or committees, include incoming governors as members of these committees, and provide the general secretary with their names and addresses. The district Youth Exchange officers or committees are under the supervision of their respective governors. (RCP 41.080.)