Tohoku-Sukusuku Project

Handover Ceremony of the Child Care House

Rotary Club of Tokyo has launched the °»Tokyo Rotary Club - Tohoku Sukusuku (Mother and Child Care) Project°… that assists mothers and children at disaster-stricken areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Construction of the °»Child Care House°… at Rikuzentakata City started last year and completed on January 28th. Handover Ceremony took place on February 4th, Saturday, with the attendance of Mr. Futoshi Toba, mayor of Rikuzentakata City, together with mothers and children.

We got off the Shinkansen at Ichinoseki Station and went to Rikuzentakata City by a motor coach. It was snowing lightly and the Tree of Hope° Solitary Pine Tree)standing alone on the beach gave us a dreary impression. We found piles of rubble and large cranes all over the former city center that has suffered devastating damages by the tsunami.

Hearty reception given by the local residents made us realize anew the significance of Rotary activities. Little children attended the Ceremony and handed each one of us a sweet bouquet handmade with origami. All present at the Ceremony sang °»My Hometown°… together with President Gemma and Mayor Toba. The excitement was beyond our expectations.

We were privileged to gain attention from the press. National newspapers (Asahi, Nikkei and Sankei), local newspapers (Kahoku Shimpo, Iwate Nippo and Tohkai Shimpo) as well as TV stations (NHK and Iwate Asahi TV etc.) were present and filled the room with enthusiasm.

Rotarians worked in unity and made this activity possible, including members of the Challenge 100 Committee who developed the project and organized the Ceremony, the Tokyo Rotaract Club that collaborated at the site and the Secretariat.

Providing assistance to mothers and children will stimulate rehabilitation in a short run, encourage consumption in a medium term and nurtures human resources for reconstruction on a long-term basis. Tokyo Rotary Club will play an active role and provide assistance to mothers and children at disaster-stricken areas over the coming 10 years, towards our centennial anniversary. Let me ask for your further assistance and cooperation.

Rotary Club of Tokyo
President Akira Gemma

About Big Earthquake in Japan

As you may know, tens of thousands of people have been found dead or are still missing from this devastating earthquake. The thought of this fill our members with great sadness.

However, the people of Japan will overcome this great tragedy and we are hopeful that we can get over the difficulties very soon.

The governors of 34 districts in Japan appealed to the Rotarian of the all over Japan for the contribution now. They are going to send the contribution to the governors of the disaster area.

If you mind to help us, we ask you for a contribution to °»the Rotary Japan and Pacific Islands Disaster Fund°… at the Rotary Foundation instead of the SHELTERBOX.

Details as follows: