Table Speech

Year End Talk

December 22nd,2004

Mr. Masato Mizuno
President of Tokyo RC

Time flies, and before I knew it I must give my year end address.

I assumed my post just before the Athens Olympic Games held in July, but with the able assistance of President Elect Nagashima, Vice Presedent Moroto, Club Secretary Igarashi, the Board, Committee Chairmen and members, members of the secretariat and all of you who have shared our service efforts I have come to my half way point without undue event.

A 100 years have gone by since the young lawyer Paul Harris gathered his friends and started the club to promote friendship, business ethics and fair trade on February 23, 1905.

President Glenn Estess has asked us to Celebrate Rotary as his theme for the year. With 1.2 million members in 166 countries we have cause to celebrate. He has asked us not to rest on our laurels but to approach the many problems which lay before us with an awareness of reality. We should celebrate Rotary in every field of service ー Vocational, International, Community and Club.

At our District Conference held in Okinawa, Past President Rattakul addressed the meting and exhorted us to return to the basics, or the founding principles of Rotary.

The expansion of globalism, the advances in information technology, and our aging society calls for many reform and improvements to be made in our society and corporate activities.

Now is the time for us to lay stress upon the spirit which founded Rotary and vocational ethics.

December has been designated as Rotary’s Family Month to promote the Rotary family as emphasized by Past RI President Majiiyagbe.

This has two meanings, the first is our direct family members, and the
Second includes all Rotarians and their families. This includes Rotary Exchange students, Rotary Scholars, and all who have become involved with Rotary.

I agree wholeheartedly that a Rotary Club should not be a gathering of acquaintances but that of friends, and it will be wonderful if we can experience a significant club life with our fellow members and their families.
Communications between persons, it is said, is fully realized when you can joke with each other.

In order to do so, you must know each other well. We must take a positive attitude to each other.

In this Month for the Family, members should endeavor to have their family members understand Rotary better, and discuss how communications can be bettered.

Next year will be the year of the Rooster. We will hold a Centennial Family Party on February 23, and I would like to make it a year in which we significantly think about Rotary’s future.

I wish you and your families a very Happy New Year.