Table Speech

President’s Address at the Last Regular Meeting for RY 2015-2016

June 29, 2016

Mr. Kiyotaka Moroto
President, Rotary Club of Tokyo

 I am delighted to conclude this Rotary Year smoothly, thanks to the dedicated support rendered by Vice President Inayama, Secretary Kimura, Directors, Committee Chairmen and members as well as all Rotarians. I owe much to our nearly century-old history and know-how accumulated by our senior Rotarians as well as bylaws that have sufficient flexibility to fit with the times. I also feel grateful for the valuable opportunities given to me, including birthday parties and Rotary Convention in Seoul, to deepen friendship with many of you and realized anew Tokyo RC is blessed with remarkable members. We organized our Regular Meetings and various events based on the same slogan of the previous RY “Enjoy Rotary.”

 This Year, on the other hand, we witnessed a major change to RI policies that allows for flexibility in membership and classification, discussed during the 2016 Council on Legislation. Each club now has the flexibility to eliminate the traditional vocational classification as a requirement for membership qualification and to allow “quality individuals to be considered for membership based on criteria that is representative of the community and best fits the club’s strategic vision.” Let me inform you that we held our Board Meeting and decided to make no change to the membership qualification for at least the coming RY.

 Now, let me share the words of former RI President (2002-03) Bhichai Rattakul that impressed me deeply during the District 2580 Convention where he attended on behalf of President Ravindran. He elaborated on how Rotary developed under the motto “Service Above Self,” based on the “eternal principle” agreed by our founding fathers to render “service for humanity through friendship among its members.” He emphasized “vocational service” is our core value that differentiates Rotary from other entities. He admitted that we must adapt the way we operate an organization to the changing social needs, yet we should leave the basic philosophy intact as our forerunners did. He concluded by clarifying his opposition against any transformations that could undermine our “eternal principle.” I support his conviction that our Club should adhere to the long-cherished principle.

 We continue to implement projects in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake with funds from the Global Grant. We are currently negotiating with related municipalities to extend the projects beyond the termination of the Grant period.

 We are also making preparations for our Centennial Anniversary in 2020, led by the Pre-Centennial Committee. Please look forward to the exciting events and the commemoration ceremony.

 As I conclude my speech, let me ask for your continuous support to our new President Mr. Okamoto and various initiatives we take towards further development and success of our Club. Let me also express my sincere gratitude for all your support rendered during this RY.

Secretary’s Address

June 29, 2016

Mr. Heiemon Kimura
Secretary, Rotary Club of Tokyo

 Let me wrap up RY 2015-2016. We started the Year with 324 members (as of 01 July, 2015) and today our membership totals 328, achieving a net increase of 4. While we welcomed 24 new Rotarians, 20 left, of whom 7 of our long-time members passed away this Year from whom I learned much about Rotary.

 We welcomed 339 visitors from 30 RCs and Districts both in Japan and abroad for our 45 Regular Meetings. The Regular Meeting on 25 May held right before the International Convention in Seoul had a record high 80 visitors and guests. Thanks to your hospitality, we keep attracting an increasing number of visitors as many wished to observe how we organize our meetings following the basic principles of Rotary.

 Let me highlight a few points to summarize the initiatives taken during this RY. We organized various meetings, including Board Meetings, Club Forums and Council Meetings. In the Club Forums, we elaborated on the programs to commemorate our Centennial Anniversary in 2020 as well as discussed on the “Origin of Rotary” proposed by former RI President Bhichai Rattakul and agreed that our Club should adhere to the long-cherished principles and traditions of Rotary. At the District Conference, Tokyo RC received four awards and our members were awarded the “Vocational Service Leadership Prize” and the “Yoneyama Distinguished Service Award.”

 Reporting on our financial situation, we marked a surplus of 4 million yen by increase in membership and cost-cutting efforts. It will be allocated to Earthquake Recovery Fund and Commemorative Programs. Also your generous contributions enabled us to donate 1 million yen to areas affected by torrential rains and 2 million yen to Kumamoto suffering from major earthquakes. Let me also highlight that your continuous support raised 67,000 dollars (37% more than the target) to be contributed to the Rotary Foundation as well as 10 million yen for the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship program.

 Let me extend my sincere gratitude to Directors and members of Committees of International Service, Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service and Youth Service for sparing your precious time to attend conferences, meetings and seminars both at home and abroad as well as organizing family gathering events and study tours. Your dedicated service enabled us to deepen friendship and enrich our understanding on wide-ranging issues.

 Extensive discussion continues on the decision made during the 2016 Council on Legislation. Being the leader of RCs across Japan, Tokyo RC has long cherished the history of Rotary movement in Japan, adhered to its basic principles and succeeded in smooth Club management. I sincerely hope Tokyo RC continues to exemplify the Rotary spirit. Thank you.