Table Speech

President’s Address at the Last Regular Meeting for RY 2018-2019

June 26, 2019

Mr. Taito Yamamoto
President, Rotary Club of Tokyo

 Let me say a few words at the last meeting for RY 2018-2019. I became President of Tokyo RC when our Centennial Anniversary was in 2 years’ time. As the theme of this RY, we adopted the Centennial Anniversary slogan; “By Recalling Our Past, We Can See Our Future. PARTICIPATE!”

 Since the second regular meeting of this Rotary Year, our Centennial Anniversary slogan was posted in the hall. At the same time, a gong, a copy of a gong made for our District to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of the Japanese RCs was set on the podium and I hit it with a mallet with a thousand emotions.

 As we look back on this RY, many natural disasters hit our country during the first half year. In July there was torrential rain in Western Japan and we donated 1 million yen. In September, the Hokkaido East Iburi Earthquake struck with over 40 deaths and over 2,000 totally or half-destroyed houses. I sincerely wish for the prompt rehabilitation of the disaster-stricken areas. It was an extremely hot summer and the maximum temperature was over 40℃ in many places in August.

 In the middle of the fierce August heat wave, Mr. Clemont Palm came to Japan from Belgium as a District Exchange Student and I went to welcome him at Haneda Airport. Mr. Clemont returned home safely with a lot of nice memories and I am very grateful for the host families who kindly accepted him.

 As for donations, we achieved Rotary Foundation donations of 278 dollars per Rotarian versus District’s target of 230 dollars, and donations to Yoneyama Memorial Foundation was 11,202,000 yen versus Tokyo RC’s target of 10million yen.

 Finally, I would like to apologize for causing you enormous inconveniences by my repeated absence. Since last November I have been asked to become the Head of the Chuo Ward. Actually, my grandfather who was a Rotarian was the first Head of the Chuo Ward and I decided to accept the offer. Without support of Mr. Tsumura, Vice-President, who acted on my behalf at the Board Meetings, regular Meetings and Meetings of the District etc., Mr. Matsuoka, Secretary, Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Nakajima, Vice-Secretaries and many others, I would not have been able to perform my duty. I am so grateful to you all.

 Next week, new RY begins when full scale preparation for the Centennial Anniversary will start. Let me conclude my last remarks by wishing for further development and success of our Club with Mr. Takenaka as our new President.

Secretary’s Address

June 26, 2019

Mr. Noboru Matsuoka
Secretary, Rotary Club of Tokyo

 Two and a half years ago, Mr. Yamamoto, the then President-Elect, asked me to serve as Secretary for RY 2018-2019. I was most honored, but thought I should decline as I was not good enough. Then I remembered that in Rotary, when you are asked to do something there are only two answers: “Yes” and” Hai”, so I humbly accepted the request.

 During RY 2017~2018, I learned under Mr. Morita, the Immediate Past President, and Mr. Ooka, the Past Secretary, who kindly shared the command and role of Secretary, and I was able to be mentally prepared, though not quite confident.

 Under President Yamamoto’s leadership, with the cooperation of Officers, Directors and Committee Members, I was able to perform my duty somehow and I am grateful to you all.

 Now let me report on our activities of this RY. As for membership, we started with 334 and will end with 337: 18 entrants, 15 withdrawals, giving a net increase of 3. New members include 2 foreigners and 2 female members. Ms. Aiko Ookawara is the first female foreign member. The average attendance rate is 53.27 % home and 64.24 % after make-up. It is still hovering at a low level, though at home it slightly increased. The average age of our member Rotarians is 69.24 years old.

 Related with the Centennial Anniversary, a new Rotary song “Let’s Start Together” and a special song “Hymn to Tokyo RC—to the Future” were selected in February, and the design of the Anniversary Mug Cup was decided in March. As for the settlement of accounts, it is going to end with 3.8million yen surplus, which will be diverted to the special account as approved by the Board of Directors.

 I organized a number of meetings as Secretary, including 4 Incoming Board Meetings, 12 Board Meetings, 5 Club Assemblies, 2 Club Forums, Annual General Assembly and the New Year Meeting.

 Based upon the District Target of “Training and Revitalization” set by Mr. Jun’ichi Matsuzaka, Governor of RD 2580, various new attempts were made this year. Governor’s Assistants increased from 6 to 13, so that more substantial support would be given to each club from the District. As for Training, RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute), launched in 1992 by a former RI Director from the State of New Jersey, was decided to be introduced in our District and I attended the seminar as a trial.

 Next week a new RY will start under the leadership of Mr. Takenaka, President, and Mr. Hayashi, Secretary. Asking for your continuous cooperation and support, I’ll conclude my last report.