Table Speech

“President’s Address”

December 16, 2009

Mr. Yukiharu Kodama
Rotary Club of Tokyo

 I would like to say a few words for this final weekly meeting of 2009.

 I have been engaged in various demanding tasks ever since I became President six months ago. Thanks to all the kind support and understanding I received from officers, directors, chairmen and members, I could manage to organize and host the Governor’s official visit, Tokyo RC Anniversary Family Party, 1st Club Forum, District Presidential and Secretarial meeting, District Golf Tournament and so on. Taking this opportunity let me express my sincere gratitude to you all.

 Looking ahead in 2010, there are many big events waiting. In February, we will have the Completion Ceremony for our 10-year-project “Anti-personnel Landmine Clearance in Cambodia,” followed by District 2580 Convention, RI Anniversary Meeting and Family Party with the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado, and the 2nd Club Forum. We also need to make preparations for the 90th Anniversary of our Club next year. Let me ask for your continuous support and assistance.

 Being a President of the first Rotary Club established in Japan, I feel the gravity of our activities from day to day. With the history of nearly 90 years, backed by numerous members and their profound experiences, the management of such a mature club attracts attentions from many other clubs. Yet, we have our own problems, which could be overcome by continuous and extensive discussions among us, the members.

 We have our Christmas Family Party in the evening on December 18th.

Although I feel rather awkward to talk about next year at this moment, as it is still mid-December, circumstances in and out of Japan are in turmoil, with complicated challenging problems piling up. In Japan, the economic situation is still in disarray, while policy changes are initiated by the new-ruling Democratic Party of Japan. Under these circumstances, future prospects remain obscure. Nevertheless I believe that Rotary activities based on the spirit of service to the community will shine brightly even in this difficult time.

 I hope you all celebrate the end of the year with your family and friends, and greet the New Year in good health and full of happiness.

 I look forward to working with you all together for various service activities next year. I ask you once again for your cooperation and thank you for your attention.