Table Speech

“President’s Address at the Last Regular Meeting”

June 22, 2011

Mr. Yuzaburo Mogi
President, Rotary Club of Tokyo

 At the outset, let me express my sincere gratitude to our Secretary Mr. Kuroda, Vice President, Directors, Committee Chairmen and all the Rotarians for their support and cooperation rendered throughout this Rotary year.

 Rotary Club of Tokyo celebrated its 90th Anniversary with festive events. The Commemorative Meeting followed by Celebration Party was held on October 20th with the attendance of nearly 400 guests, Rotarians and families. We enjoyed the superb piano recital by Ms. Hiroko Nakamura, with the gorgeous dinner prepared by the Imperial Hotel and Kitcho. On this occasion, we made donations to Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation, Yoneyama Umekichi Memorial Hall and the Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House of the International Christian University. The Anniversary Booklet was published. Discussions will start on the new project to be launched during the coming Rotary Year under the new Governor Mr. Mizuno, which will lead to our centennial anniversary.

 On March 11th, the Great East Japan Earthquake and the disastrous tsunami claimed many lives, and triggered serious accidents at the Fukushima nuclear power plants. I do pray for those deceased and express my heartfelt sympathy to disaster victims. Foreign media praised how disciplined and composed the Japanese people were in the turmoil, while the Japanese government has been criticized for failing to disclose sufficient information.

 This disaster taught the government, companies and people in Japan many lessons, which must be reflected in our future risk management strategies.
We are grateful for the generous physical and financial support given by countries around the world. In Japan, many companies and people have made donations, while volunteers are working actively, which exemplify the ingrained Japanese custom of mutual assistance among citizens.
 Domestic and foreign donations have reached Rotary Clubs. The Governors’ Association announced two initiatives to be implemented: the education program for disaster orphans and the program to assist Rotary Clubs in disaster areas. Tokyo Rotary Club plans to implement a mid-term-project towards its centennial anniversary to assist reconstruction from the earthquake.

 “Joy of vocational service” and “friendship building throughout the world” were the two themes adopted for this Rotary Year.

 I believe business people must think first about how to make social contribution through their business activities, by recognizing anew their social significance and value and striving to further improve them. Robust economy is requisite for a sound recovery from the earthquake. Each company must aim at creating higher added value, which I believe is the basis of vocational service.

 As I mentioned earlier, Tokyo Rotary Club made donations to the three institutes, under the spirit of “friendship building throughout the world.” As I promised in my inauguration address, I sent one e-mail each month to Rotary Clubs around the world, to which I was happy to receive a few replies. I realized the importance of “Bridging Continents,” which is the RI theme for this year.

 I was fortunate to learn many things throughout this year and appreciate once again the privileges of a Rotarian. Let me conclude my speech by expressing my sincere gratitude for your support and cooperation as well as wishing continued success and prosperity of the Rotary Club of Tokyo.

“Secretary’s Address”

Mr. Yasuhiro Kuroda
Secretary, Rotary Club of Tokyo

 First of all, let me express my sincere gratitude to you all for allowing me to serve as the secretary for this memorable year which marks the 90th Anniversary of Tokyo RC. The Commemorative Meeting with Celebration Party was held on October 20th with the attendance of 380 guests, Rotarians and families. We enjoyed the superb recital by the world-renowned pianist Ms. Hiroko Nakamura. As part of the 90th anniversary celebrations, we made donations of 15 million yen in total to the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation, Yoneyama Umekichi Memorial Hall and the Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House of the International Christian University.

 Our membership totaled 326 as of June 1st, thanks to the endeavor made by Membership Director Mr. Kato. We need cooperation by all of you for membership development. Let me call upon you to nominate suitable candidates for our Club.

 The Club’s finances are likely to end in the black, thanks to the stringent cost-cutting efforts by the secretariat.

 We witnessed many serious disasters that claimed so many precious lives during this 2010 Rotary Year. Massive floods hit Pakistan in July, followed by the torrential rain at Amami in October, earthquake in New Zealand in March and the Great East Japan Earthquake that hit on March 11th. Tokyo RC sent 12 million yen in total to disaster-affected areas, in collaboration with the Governors’ Association and our twin club in Washington.

 We also had many fun events, including our traditional Christmas family party. We enjoyed the live jazz music by “KLMS Swing Esquire Orchestra,” lotteries and games for kids.

 Mr. Mizuno will become the District 2580 Governor for the new Rotary Year 2011 that starts next month. Tokyo RC is determined to fully support him. Mr. Mizuno has a busy schedule ahead, including the Central Intercity Meeting in November, District Conference in February and the RI Conference to be held in Bangkok in May. Mr. Mizuno also announced his determination to do his best in supporting the reconstruction of the earthquake and tsunami damaged areas, for which we must ask for your understanding and cooperation.

 We were privileged to welcome distinguished speakers for the table speeches throughout the year, thanks to the Program Committee members. We enjoyed the study tour arranged by the Vocational Service Committee. We are grateful to the Directors and members of the International Service and Community Service Committees for implementing efficiently various assistance and donation projects. Donations for the Yoneyama programs exceeded 20 million yen this year. New initiatives taken by the Membership Development and the Meals Committees will continue to be implemented, under the tradition of “always new” spirit of this Club.
 Before closing, let me express my sincere gratitude to the Vice Secretaries and the Secretariat staff for all your support, since I became Secretary last July to assist President Mogi. My special thanks go to President Mogi for his patience and generosity.

 The new Rotary Year will start next week, with President Genma, Secretary Ohta, new officers and directors. Let me close my speech by asking for your ever greater cooperation and assistance to them. Thank you.