Table Speech

President’s Address
Secretary’s Address

July 04, 2012

Mr. Yoshio Okazaki
President, The Rotary Club of Tokyo
Mr. Yoichiro Kojima
Secretary, The Rotary Club of Tokyo

President’s Address

 I am honored to serve as President for Rotary Year 2012. I have been a Rotarian for 38 years since I joined this club in 1974. As a new member, I was taught the three important rules, which were 1) always wear the Rotary badge, 2) maintain a 60% attendance rate in one’s home club, while attending other clubs to compensate for any shortfall in home attendance and making friends and 3) never refuse Rotary duties, unless you have health problems. Today we have 324 members in this Club and I am the 23rd member counting by the order of admission.

 The 2012 RI President is Mr. Sakuji Tanaka (Yashio RC, Saitama). President Tanaka set the theme to be “Peace through Service.” Mr. Tanaka stated that “Peace has diverse interpretations depending on each person and culture. To some, peace means peace of mind, happiness of family, or a feeling of satisfaction. For others, it means a safe condition where all the basic needs of human are met. No matter how peace is interpreted, it can be achieved by service activities. I ask all Rotarians to work hard to achieve “Peace through Service” during this Rotary Year. I believe our endeavor towards peace starts from each person, family, club, district, region and country. Our official motto “Service above Self” expresses the ultimate form of service.

 Such sentiments should guide both Rotarians and others around the world in their daily lives.

 The RI strategic plan has identified three priorities which are: 1) to support and strengthen clubs, 2) to focus and increase humanitarian service, and 3) to enhance public image and awareness.

 Our District Governor Mr. Masakazu Ishikawa (Naha West RC, Okinawa) identified the following goals:
 ●Provide assistance to the younger generation, based on the principles of Rotary’s New Generations programs.
 ●Achieve a net increase of 10%, as membership development reinforces our basis.
 ●Achieve the donation goal of 100 dollars/member, as an annual fund is the vital resource of Rotary Foundation.
 ●Strengthen support to clubs in the district and promote service projects both within Japan and abroad.
 ●Participate in the District Conference, Intercity Meeting and RI Convention to think and act together.
 ●Enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness.

 Rotary often refers to “fellowship and friendship” or “service and friendship.” As we succeed the tradition, culture and dignity of this club, I decided to set the club theme for this year to be “Participate and enjoy Rotary.” I hope to increase opportunities where we can deepen friendship and enjoy service activities.

 The Rotary badge is universal. I have been approached with cordiality by many people in countries around the world, by wearing the badge. I encourage you to always wear the badge, keeping in mind its effect.

 As for our priority areas, I identify the following four:
1) Membership development through net increase of 2 members.
2) Strengthen the “Challenge 100” project through collaboration with other clubs in your own and other districts.
3) Assist the Yoneyama Memorial Foundation initiatives through donations of 10 million yen.
4) Give support to the RI President Mr. Tanaka.
5) Support the new generation development program.
It is my sincere wish that we achieve our annual goal through your dedication. Let me close my speech by asking, once again, for your support and cooperation.

Secretary’s Address

 I am honored to serve as Secretary under the Presidency of Mr. Yoshio Okazaki. For this RY 2012, I am determined to do my best, with the support of our Assistant Secretaries Mr. Kamegai and Mr. Asakawa, as well as Directors, officers and our member Rotarians.

 I joined the Tokyo RC in 1997 and through my 15 years of activities, I was blessed to meet many respectable seniors and get their kind guidance in this club with dignity and tradition. I am truly grateful.

 President Okazaki has just given us details on the annual activities and priority areas of RI, the District and our club. The theme for this year is “Participate and enjoy Rotary.” As we all know, “friendship building” and “various services activities” are made possible only when you “participate.” How could we attract many of you to enjoyable activities? I believe our role is to make the regular meetings enjoyable and provide “exciting venues for members to communicate” over “delicious lunch” and “interesting table speech.” We also have the three evening meetings where members and families can deepen friendship. Although details are yet to be decided, we will organize enjoyable parties for your family.

 Our club has various meetings for the committees, tables, roundtables, hobby circles and age groups. As a new initiative, we will organize birthday meetings once a month. The Cyuo Sub-District Intercity Meeting, District Conference in Okinawa, the RI Convention in Lisbon and the Peace Forum in Hiroshima will provide precious opportunities to meet Rotarians from around the world and deepen friendship.

 We had our District Club Assembly the other day, and all clubs shared the big problem of declining membership due to fewer new members and an increase in members who leave the clubs. Tokyo RC is fortunate to start this new Rotary Year with 324 members, a net increase of 2, thanks to all your cooperation last year. We aim for a net increase of 2 members once again this year. I do understand that it is indispensable to have enjoyable and attractive service activities for all members to increase new members and reduce the number of leavers. I am sure this will lead to better attendance rates. I am determined to work for an enjoyable club that will encourage you to invite your friends to join or to keep you from leaving the club.

 With your cooperation, I am determined to do my best to make this year an enjoyable one for you all. Thank you.